Happy year end, happy year in

The end of the year is upon us. As usual,I find myself itchy to make lists, journal, brainstorm and dream about all the possibilities ahead. Over the last few years I have chosen a ‘word of the year’ per Internet trend. A word to nag at me as I make decisions, reminding me of my intentions and of my vision for how I want to live this life. Two years ago I chose thrive, and ran a 5k for the first time ever. Last year I chose ease, and tried to allow myself to choose the path of least resistance, to not over complicate things. This year the word that is calling me is growth. A year for pushing a little more. For digging my roots in deep and reaching up for the stars at the same time. I am feeling ready for both the discomfort and the joy that growth can bring.

I’ve scheduled two retreat days with my critique group ladies during the first week in January. A time to work (on an exciting new project for one of my very favorite publishers!) and a time to reflect and plan, as well. If I can, I will extend it to 3 days and spend open day on my own with my lists and journals. Dreaming up a year of growth and expansion, and getting ready for the adventures ahead.

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