How does one start a blog? Well, I’ve had one before, but it was a haphazard affair, and I am hoping this one will be a bit more…consistent. And fun! I’ve read other illustrators’ blogs for years now (and other types of blogs as well), and I find the ones I enjoy and return to are those who post regularly ( I know, I know…), show their work process, and reveal some genuine personality. I want to know my blogger, or at least ‘know’ her. I am interested in  industry news and in other bloggers’ successes, but I get to know a blogger when she admits to her struggles, shares a snippet or two from her personal life, and doesn’t seem to be writing merely to meet a publisher’s requirements or to flog her products.

And so, dear reader, I shall endeavor to be just such a blogger. This will be an illustration-oriented blog, but I hope to include enough variety, struggle, and personal anecdotes to keep it interesting. Let me know how I am doing.

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  1. Mom says:

    I just discovered you!

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