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My pictures are moving!

My friend Rob and I are making some little ‘lightly animated’ illustrations for short videos to be used in teacher training software. I had never really delved into animation before, and am finding it is really fun to see my drawings move. I might have to start exploring stop motion and other animation techniques myself…

Oregon SCBWI Spring Conference

It was a good one, folks! Wonderful faculty (featuring Newbery Award winners Matt de la Peña and our own dear Victoria Jamieson), lovely participants, and (for once) we missed only a drippy rainy day while ensconced deep inside the Holiday Inn, Wilsonville. I did not take notes, sadly. I did have the good fortune to […]

weekend news

I was honored to be asked to create event artwork for the Oregon SCBWI Spring conference — registration is now open at   I did work on my daily sketches over the weekend, but I have decided that from here on out I will accumulate a week of daily drawings and then choose a few to post every […]