” It’s probably more common to come home [from a conference] and feel a touch of despair in addition to all that inspiration…”

Martha Brockenbrough

Ain’t that the truth. As inspired and excited as I felt after last weekend’s workshop, I definitely also felt a touch of melancholy. I have called it the conference roller coaster. The highs come from connecting with like-minded peeps, getting good comments in critiques, feeling buoyed and hopeful and ready to take the next big steps. The lows come from overwhelm at all the talented people out there (how will I ever get noticed?), from the more critical comments (will I ever be publishable?) and from a sense of being a small fish in a big, competitive pond.

Martha’s post offers constructive reflection on the post-conference maelstrom. It’s worth reading if you(like me) are sorting out your next steps…

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