” It’s probably more common to come home [from a conference] and feel a touch of despair in addition to all that inspiration…” Martha Brockenbrough Ain’t that the truth. As inspired and excited as I felt after last weekend’s workshop, I definitely also felt a touch of melancholy. I have called it the conference roller […]

Wearing Two Hats — writer/illustrator workshop

Last weekend the SCBWI Oregon chapter hosted a terrific 1-day workshop for writer-illustrators with Art Director Lauren Rille of Simon and Schuster. She was a great speaker and critique-er — her talk was highly entertaining (she cusses!), but packed with good information, and she pulled no punches when it came to critiquing our work. Her clear message […]

IF- Space

This is the illustration I made for my son’s 5th birthday Space Party. Since it suits this week’s Illustration Friday theme, I thought I’d submit for a change.  Not my usual style, but it made him very happy. The cake my mom made was an even bigger hit (see below)…  


Kids in Portland know how to dress. Some PDX grown-ups cultivate creative get-ups too (hipster credibility requires fun socks, at a minimum), but usually it’s the kids who take the cake. The look is more hipster-ragbag than NY runway, but it’s a far cry from the fleece and flannels that dominated the landscape of my youth. […]