Where the heck does the time go? Not to blog posting, clearly. Well, there’s no point in trying to catch up on over 6 months’ developments and happenings, so I’ll just start where I am right now: hanging out in my newly cleaned up studio (OMG why didn’t I do this months ago?)


Most recently, I’ve been spending way too much time obsessing over the news, painting protesters, and fiddling with my newly posted online stores (prints on ETSY,  https://www.etsy.com/shop/abigailmarble?ref=hdr_shop_menu ; and mugs, t-shirts, totes etc. on  Red Bubble https://www.redbubble.com/people/abigailmarble?asc=u ). This online selling thing is new to me — check out my stores and let me know if you find any glitches!


I was finally motivated to make a shop because I have recently made a bunch of paintings inspired by the Women’s March and other current events. Friends asked for prints and T-shirts, so I decided to look into making some, and voila, my shops were born. I am trying to focus on the hopeful and positive moments in this time of turmoil, and people coming together to fight authoritarianism is the main silver lining I can see at the moment. Thus, paintings of protesters and Elizabeth Warren, and more to come — stay tuned.

In other news, I saw Erin and Philip Stead read their recent books at my favorite local bookstore ( http://www.greenbeanbookspdx.com/ ). Fun and inspirational, and I got my books signed, too.

Gotta get to work. I wish I could claim with certainty that I’ll be here posting more often, but I’ve made that type of promise before…so I’ll just say I HOPE to post a bit more often and leave it at that.



Erin and Philip Stead sharing their stories with a few tiny people and lots of awestruck grown up illustrators


Me, hanging out in my TIDY studio

weekend news

I was honored to be asked to create event artwork for the Oregon SCBWI Spring conference — registration is now open at https://oregon.scbwi.org/events/between-the-pages-2016-annual-spring-conference/SCBWI2016_vert_web


I did work on my daily sketches over the weekend, but I have decided that from here on out I will accumulate a week of daily drawings and then choose a few to post every Monday. I am finding that while daily posting is good for motivation, it is also a short hop from “a quick post on my blog” over into the crazy time-sucking vortex of social media. Hopefully I can strike a better balance by posting only once a week.


Daily sketch challenge

I’ve decided to give myself a daily sketch challenge. I’d like to create a morning routine that kicks me right into creative work mode (instead of loafing around in social media land), so the plan is to make a sketch first thing when I enter my studio, before I even turn on my computer or check my phone. I’m tempted to post on instagram, but I think I’ll limit myself on that too. I might choose my favorites from the previous week on Mondays and post a couple as part of my new and improved ‘internet presence’ routine. But I will post them here, at least a few times a week — fair enough since more frequent blog posting is one of my goals this year.

The challenge paramaters (for now):

• materials: dip pen and ink, plus one additional color if I want it

• theme: kids and pets

• bonus: a hand lettered word or phrase relating to the image

Here is day 1:



Note: noodlers ink BLEEDS on watercolor paper.


IF – Universe



When I saw this Illustration Friday prompt, I knew that I wanted to combine lettering and illustration, so I went searching for a quote that included the word ‘universe.’ The internet offered plenty of options, of course, but when I read this one, I loved it, and instantly envisioned the finished piece. It was only after I illustrated and hand-lettered it that I bothered to find the poem from which the quote was extracted. A beautiful, deep, thoughtful poem about…human sexuality, to put it in family friendly terms. Let’s just say it wasn’t G-rated. So I won’t be posting it here in children’s book land. Note to self: do the research before you get invested in a project!