Daily sketch challenge

I’ve decided to give myself a daily sketch challenge. I’d like to create a morning routine that kicks me right into creative work mode (instead of loafing around in social media land), so the plan is to make a sketch first thing when I enter my studio, before I even turn on my computer or check my phone. I’m tempted to post on instagram, but I think I’ll limit myself on that too. I might choose my favorites from the previous week on Mondays and post a couple as part of my new and improved ‘internet presence’ routine. But I will post them here, at least a few times a week — fair enough since more frequent blog posting is one of my goals this year.

The challenge paramaters (for now):

• materials: dip pen and ink, plus one additional color if I want it

• theme: kids and pets

• bonus: a hand lettered word or phrase relating to the image

Here is day 1:



Note: noodlers ink BLEEDS on watercolor paper.


Where have I been?

Well, friends, it has been a busy month. A vacation in March derailed my steady little blogging train, and my habits and routines have been all out of whack ever since. And then this past weekend was the Western Washington SCBWI Spring Conference, and I spent much of the prior two weeks preparing for it.

Here a couple of vacation sketches for your enjoyment. Just a little something to tide you over while I craft a longer post about the conference. Can you guess where we went?